Friday, November 23, 2007

Zvone Šeruga, pictures of the world

I have met some of the most avid travellers here in Slovenia. While I have no doubt that this has much to do with how interested and open-minded they are, I also think this wanderlust can be attributed to the fact that the country is pretty small and (depending on where you are) if you go out on a long walk you might just find yourself in another country anyhow! I just discovered the website of one of Slovenian's most avid travellers, photojournalist ,Zvone Šeruga who just published a very interesting-looking book, Nazaj v Afriko (Back to Africa) about a return trip to Africa after a decade.

The website is in Slovene, but you can click here to see more of his beautiful photos from this book and others he's taken around the world (including Slovenia, below).


diva said...

Love the pictures. Love the blog.
I hope things are going along smoothly for you. I have got to visit that whole region of the world, actually.

Camille Remarkable said...


Iva said...

Hehe, it's funny cos Zvone is my boss's husband. :D So I really had a hard time last week when I had to write a tiny little piece on his new book ... :D But yeah, he's fabulous and his travels are amazing.

Camille Remarkable said...

Ha, what a small world! I saw her in the video on Vest last week. Your boss must be quite a woman, since Zvone seems like he is a real crazy (but cool) guy.