Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More In The Balkans

For some reason, I turned to The Captain the other day and queried, "What's going on in Bosnia? I haven't heard anything in a while. Maybe I should drop them an email." Well A Fistful of Euros has posted that Bosnia's government is in the midst of collapse and explains what that means exactly.

Also, on Fistful is an excellent update on the status of the Balkan states in their race for EU membership. I am really disappointed to hear that the EU is not taking a harder line on social justice issues and trying to bring war criminals to justice before granting S&A status. I was a young punk rocker and while I have grown up and out of a lot of my "anti-everything" attitude, I am still looking at the EU and some of its policies with a very wary sideways glance (hey I'm also a political scientist). I am interested to see how things unfold so I'm glad to have found the Fistful website.

In other Balkan news, on the heels of the Croatia - England game, the Croatian football coach was arrested last night for shoplifting stationary... I find this ironic considering the horrific time I had sending post in Croatia this summer. Nonetheless, I can't shake have the sneaking suspicion that this might be a slight English conspiracy. I don't much care about football, but if I did I think I'd root for Croatia this time around.