Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Road Trippin

Off to Trieste (my favorite Slovenian town that is sadly not a Slovenian town)

and then Novo Mesto....


Lukas said...

Trieste is not Slovenian, to say it better: Trieste is not *just* Slovenian. It is Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, Croatian, Greek, Jewish, Alpe-Adriatic, Mittel-European. Believe me: I've come here from outside too, yet settled down here to fall in love with one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe and possibly worldwide. A place for mixtures, a melting pot of cultures, a synthesis of landscapes and climates, a blend of historical and pan-European values that's very hard to find over the world, even for people like me (or you) who've seen it. Please do correct your title with this completing comment - when people link Trieste to just one of its identities or languages or ethnic groups or historical roots (just take the name: TRG slv. market + ESTE lat. city/place + growing up to a continental power under germ. Austria-Hungary, THE THREE MAIN EUROPEAN CULTURES MEET IN ONE PLACE, I.E. TRIESTE, borderline that has always been acting as the intersection of the three lines), by limiting it it's as they where just speaking of a tiny part of something. Still, it's much more - an international place you cannot reduce to just one cultural set :-) Lep pozdrav / tschuess / ciao [you might know one saying that in 18th century was already valid in Trieste: "el più mona" (the most dumb person) "conossi tre lingue" (speaks three languages, and from the three largest European cultural groups ^_^

Camille Acey said...

Thanks for reading the blog Lukas!

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