Friday, November 2, 2007

Cemetary Gates

I managed to drag The Captain down to the cemetary yesterday for Dan na spomin mrtve (Day of the Dead/ All Saints' Day). He hadn't been in years. We got there late and his family were all surprised to see us as we walked up to his father's grave/ family plot. I was pretty dressed up (new 60s style swing dress from H&M, hair in an updo, and my big shades on) and as I clomp clomp clomped down the hills and through the old stone alleyways , I felt very French new wave. Some strangers were staring at me as if I was ruining the solemnity of the thing, but really I think they were angry because I was slightly taking away from the "check out my new Benz, peep my new Prada boots" parade. The Captain was kind of enjoying it all as it meant the attention was off of him, so I was glad to be of service. Anyway. Here are some pics (sorry I forgot to take a pic of myself).

Yesterday was shockingly clear and beautiful, these days have been the most beautiful autumn I've ever experienced. I need a new camera.


Anja said...

Wow these pictures sure bring back memories of me having to go to my great-grand parents grave in Radovljica when I was younger. Btw it's Dan Mrtvih.

Oh and great pictures, I was trying to capture some of the autumn beauty yesterday, but my pictures didn't do any justice to the beauty of it all.

Camille Remarkable said...

@Anja: Thanks for the correction. Učim se, ampak počasen!

Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

c said...

so do they call it 'day of the dead' celebrations there? is it just a coincidence that it falls on the same day as "dia de los muertos"? enlighten me, please?

xo christina

Camille Remarkable said...

@c: Actually, All Saints and All Souls Day (Days of The Dead) are Catholic holidays celebrated fairly similary throughout the world.

Camille Remarkable said...

The name is Dan na Spomina Mrtvih which is Day for Remembrance of the Dead, so yeah pretty much the same deal.

Ales said...

Ah yeah! I remember last November 1st, a beautiful day it was <3