Friday, November 16, 2007

I Got Mail!

Yesterday I bundled up and trudged out to the mailbox. I was going out to the garden anyway¨, so despite the fact that I most likely didn't have any mail, I didn't mind grabbing the (mostly junk) mail for my house mates. But luck of lucks! Not only did I received a small package from my dad (the 3rd one in as many months!), but I also finally received my belated Halloween package from a new friend in Iceland. An orange envelope with a letter written on orange paper and a CD (not orange) in an orange case! Fun, fun, fun.

I've always loved getting mail, but when it comes from an ever greater distance it is all the more sweet. A kind little reminder that someone somewhere cares about you though you may be very far away.


Oh and despite some horror stories I've heard, I've (so far) found Slovenian Post to be super-reliable thus far!


Tina. said...

I LOVE snail mail. Luckily, I get a lot of it from my grandma and my friends. I also correspond via letters with one of my aunts back home and one friend. Mostly, my friends and I send postcards to each other. It's really nice to open the mailbox and find something other but junk mail in it. Actually, I'm so spoiled, that I'm disapointed if I don't get at least one piece of mail per day. ;)

Una española en Eslovenia said...

I write to people all around the world,and I can say that Slovenian post is reliable :)
Nice to read you! :)