Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm Only Dancing

So like I was saying, I had my first official Night On The Town last Saturday. It was a whirlwind tour wherein I hit all the hot spots of Ljubljana, with the evening culminating with a few hours of dancing at Global. For some reason 80's night at Global opened with about an hour's worth of Hits of the 70's, but I managed to power through and have a nice time nonetheless.

Since this was my first time out dancing I can't make any definitive judgement, but being a blogger I was still taking it all in and making lists in my head. Here are two lists I made that night:

Things that kinda suck about dancing in Slovenia (as compared to NYC):

1) The sheer number of European mega-hits that I don't know
2) The sheer number of American non-hits that I've never heard that were nonetheless European mega-hits
3) The sheer number of American (western) mega-hits that were also European mega-hits, but are just plain embarassing to dance to (someone tell me, what or who is a Su Su Sudio)?
4) The dizzying array of big sweaty cornballs who bump into you, breeze past you, or try to proposition you while writhing to abovementioned songs.

Things that kinda rock:

1) People here actually dance!
2) Even the men! (and with zeal!)
3) Discovering that despite my music snobbery, in the right (fun!) company I'm able to have fun dancing to abovementioned songs
4) Discovering that no matter where you go in the world, almost everyone on the dance floor (including YOU!) is a big sweaty cornball at one point or another.


dr. filomena said...

Well C, the way I look at it, No. 1 on your negs list will be overcome quickly, no. 2 and no. 3 are greatly related to the fact that it was the "revival party" night and with a not really great DJ to boot (we should have brought our own, right? or just let YOU handle the music) and no 4... well, those reallyare a part of "life" here. And thank goodness, there IS life out there. Can't imagine NOT dancing :-)

PS I resent being called a big sweaty cornball! Even for a moment!!! (smile) but I know what you mean...

Party on...

Camille Remarkable said...

Yes! Party on!

jana said...

Just to let you know that there are better -- and safer -- places to dance in Ljubljana than Global ... where you might really enjoy the music AND the people ...;)

curious your reaction about this...

Camille Remarkable said...

I just heard about this and saw the monument yesterday. Crazy!

Black Travel said...

I have lived this post right here at least a dozen times in several different countries!! LOL, I don't care what anybody says, as long as you know the words to "I will survive" and can bodyspell "YMCA" you are good to go anywhere! Hahaha

I realize I'm late to the party, but I enjoyed your recent posts so much, I had to go back and start from the beginning of your journey.

Best regards!

Camille Acey said...

@Black Travel - Thanks for reading! Enjoy the ride! :)