Monday, October 15, 2007

Back n Black

I am back and feeling great, having cured myself without need of the world's 38th best healthcare system.

I was going to post something thoughtful, but as we were driving back from Bohinj, I heard the most awesome song ever and felt I needed to post the super awesome video of it right away.

So for your viewing, listening (and laughing) pleasure I give you.....

6Pack Čukur and his song Number One Žena (Number One Wife) in which (inspired by such superspecial tracks as Jay-Z's Girls and Ludacris' Area Codes) he raps about what ethnicity of woman he wants to marry by rattling off a bunch of silly sterotypes like: an Italian wife in D&G that would make spaghetti and espresso, a Chinese wife who he wouldnt understand, and American who'd give him McDonalds . Utterly ridiculous, but slightly sweet for the fact that he is looking for a wife rather than compiling an international harem...anyway enough rambling, enjoy this shining example to the true internationalism of Slovenia.


Aja said...

"American who'd give him McDonalds"

I'm not sure he says that, maybe someone with a kind heart translated this to you,

yeah, why not,
he definitely says that

Camille Remarkable said...

I listened again. :O

You're right.