Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Star Turn

Dear Readers and Adoring Fans,

As you may have read in the local tabloids, Camille (of Adventures in Wheelville fame) was spotted early yesterday afternoon in Ljubljana expelling that morning's breakfast (a healthy helping of corn flakes and bananas) out into some bushes not far from Cankarjev Dom. Luckily she was with a friend who quickly whisked her off to a local clinic where she was fed copious amounts of prežganka (a thick kinda flavorless, kinda gross, but oddly soothing soup).

She is now resting comfortably at her stately home in Radovljica. She thanks her fans for their support (namely whoever sent her the above weird illustration), and wishes to reminds you that food poisoning can happen to any one at any time, so be careful out there.

Her reps at The Will-not Bore-us Agency


dr. filomena said...

Oh goodness... hope you get better soon!!!

pengovsky said...

Jeez! :S

You are getting better, I trust?

Michael M. said...

Couldn't resist trying a horse burger, huh?

Camille Remarkable said...

@dr. fil & peng: i feel a bit better today.

@michael manske: i think we're looking at a bad case of čevapčiči here...results are forthcoming.

Tina. said...

Sorry to hear that, Camille. Feel better soon.

Poulette said...

I love it how you bring all that New York class to provincial Ljubljana. I don't mean to brag or anything, but I've been known to use the same method myself on quite a few (alcohol fueled) occassions.

Speaking of class, the regurgitated banana-corn flakes combo must have been quite a sight to behold.