Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Unseen

PankrtiImage via WikipediaOn Friday, we went to the Pankrti (legendary Yugoslavian punk band) show in Kranj, but we ended up doing everything but actually seeing Pankrti.

This weekend was the end of Youth Week in which all the students were celebrating the end of the school year and the graduating high school students were going wild in the streets celebrating their graduation (matura). I did not enjoy being a teenager and for that reason I don't really like being around teenagers. Needless to say I was on edge all evening.

On top of that, I am just feeling like New York has ruined me for fun quite honestly. I have just given up on seeking out most of the sorts of things I enjoyed in New York City (going out to see live music, going for dinner and drinks with friends, going to gallery shows). It just isn't anywhere as good. I'm trying to stay positive though, so guess I'll just focus on sunny days, sitting in the garden, and the taste of good cheap ice cream -- hippy junk like that... but oh thank God we finally got our plane tickets to New York. I can't wait!

Anyway, here are some pics from our jaunt around Kranj.


Tina. said...

Oh, sorry, Camille. I understand how you must feel. It's good that you're staying positive, though; it surely is hard to do that at times.

Yay for the NY tickets! When are you going?

Camille Acey said...

Thanks for the sympathy Tina. I really should just break down and get a car. I think that'd make a big difference, but ugh carrrrs.

We're going to NY at the end of August. We are SO excited.

Tina. said...

Yay for the upcoming trip!

PS--Did you read on my blog that I'm moving to Buffalo at the end of June?

Camille Acey said...

@Tina - Yes I read about the Buffalo move. I don't envy you. Moraš kupiti veliko pulloveri! I was going to apply to Buffalo but my friend from Rochester (who lives in LA) strongly warned against it because the snow was like epic apocalyptic amounts of snow and it could be oppresive and depressing. I am sure you two will be fine. It will be an adventure, and hey it's not like you've never dealt with snow before!

It'd be cool to meet up but Buffalo is extraordinarily far from NYC. :( Lemme know if you are considering a trip down state!

Felicity said...

I wish sometimes that the native population would be told the reason for immigration, because the country can get resources, clearly the country doesn't have. I hope you posted the letter to the tv company.

Camille Acey said...


I think you meant to post this comment under the previous post not this one...but anyway no big deal!

I know how it is in the UK, and I just want to clarify that I haven't really detected any raging or even (simmering) anti-immigrant sentiment here in Slovenia. No, alas, what I saw on television was just good old-fashioned white supremacy.

You will NEVER catch me making the argument that immigrants are here to benefit the natives. I think the natives (especially the European and American ones) need always to be shaken from their sense of any entitlement. "Immigrants" are here because the world is meant for humans to live and roam and make comfortable homes, racist laws be damned. :)

Tina. said...

Camille, yes, I will need a lot of winter clothes (especially because most of it has disappeared from my closet in these five years here in Texas). I've been warned about the cold and the snow, but, yes, I've lived through many a winter before. And if any city knows how to deal with snow, it's Buffalo. :) I'm sure the adjustment will be tough at times, but I think of this move as an exciting challenge.
Unfortunately, I don't foresee any trips to NYC so quickly after the move, but there's always a next time, right?

Re: "'Immigrants' are here because the world is meant for humans to live and roam and make comfortable homes, racist laws be damned." You couldn't have put it better. Thank you.

Chickenscratches said...

i would like to purchase a copy of the empty swing carnival ride with the neon "A" in the center. please. you could bring it when you visit ...:)

its freakin awesome.

Camille Acey said...

@chickenscratches - ha ha, i didn't even notice that big A! i will definitely try to get you a print. :)