Thursday, May 22, 2008

naš zemo, moj izbor

As I am a resident of this fine land mass known as Europe, it is only appropriate that I "do as Romans do" and weigh in on the Eurovision Song Contest while at the same time claiming that I have nothing but disdain for the whole affair.

While I am a resident of Slovenia, I have no loyalty to this country with regard to music and frankly even if I did, the Slovene candidate has already been (rightly) eliminated. So, this year I have thrown my full support behind the very awesome Laka (Elvir Laković) from Bosna in Hergovinia. He is like this very special Balkan Manu Chao-type character, and I really like his song.

Check him out:


Alex said...

Ooh, how can you not like Eurovision? It's the highlight of the year! All of Europe (and beyond) coming together and watching the campest, most kitschy, most awesome music contest in the world, together. It's an amazing feeling.

I guess you really need to grow up with the contest to like it though. It's a bit of an acquired taste.
But it's amazing how everyone watches it - even if they claim they hate it. You always get these excuses, as in, 'yes, well, I wouldn't normally watch it, but the TV just happened to be tuned in on that channel' (for the tenth year in a row?). :D

Also, your link is to the EMA performance (the Slovene pre-selection). The actual performance in Belgrade is here:
(And I'll admit it, the first semi final wasn't that great. But the second one is going to be much much better (music-wise at least)! Tonight at 8pm BST. I'm rooting for Switzerland. Am very excited already!)

Camille Acey said...

Wow, the Belgrade performance is utterly humiliating! She sounds worse than usual and the costume is an utter embarassment. Shocking!

Tina. said...

OMG! I couldn't even watch the whole video of Rebeka.
Laka is kinda cute. I like the woman, too.

I stopped watching the Eurovision song contest years ago. Or I would just watch it for its comedy effect.

Camille Acey said...

@Tina - The woman looks incredible! I love weird people. Where did she get those clothes? It's way more exciting than anything I've seen in Slovenia so far. After watching that video, I actually started looking at travel requirements for Bosnia. If this is the kind of stuff they like then I am DEFINITELY going!

Tina. said...

She's awesome. And, yes, great clothes. And everything else.

I should take a photo of my fabulous Bosnian shoes (a gift from my cousin). You would like them. I think.

I've never been to Bosnia and Herzegovina (even though one of my uncles is from there), but all of my friends who have visited there loved it. You should go. And don't leave before you have some kajmak, cevapcici, and coffee from a little brass pot!

Camille Acey said...

@tina - yes, i must see those Bosnian shoes. I am saving up for my travels there starting right now!

Tina. said...

I'm on it! :)

Lisa said...

Yes to Bosnia! It is awesome place to visit. I am looking at an job op there for next year. We shall see.

As for Laka, hmm. I've heard the song before but the best I can say is that I like the rooster's part in the performance a lot. The "ljubavi, ljubavi..." thing drives me nuts.

Tina. said...

The photos are posted on my blog. :)

Camille Acey said...

@lisa - for some reason the song gets less annoying the more i listen to it. it's not the best song in the world (by any stretch of the imagination) but i like it and i also watched him on some other youtube clip talking about it and he was so adorable.

also this -

(yes i got a little obsessed.)

Anonymous said...

Laka is one of my favourite entries this year. I can't decide whether I prefer him or the Croatian entry!

- A.

maja said...

I actually hope he will win. I also love Spain's entry. Brilliant!

Maybe Slovenia can send Damjan Murko next year?