Wednesday, July 1, 2009


A great find from the local used bookstore here in Radovljica

One of the greatest pains of being an expat here in Slovenia is that I have a very difficult time getting my hands on books. Before coming here, I was a passionate patron of the very fantastic New York Public Library and I have always been an avid reader.My father is also a voracious reader and (former?) book collector who raised me with a fine appreciation for used bookstores and the dusty-smell of an old edition. In fact, my first job was at a library, and I've actually worked at six libraries all together.

So, when I finally decided to move here "for good" I had to very tearfully say goodbye to a great many of my books at my old flat in Brooklyn. These days I am not only scrambling around for my next read, I am also often scrambling for a place to be around old books. Luckily, we have such a place here in Radovljica and I have found quite a few special finds (see the one above) in both Slovenian and English.

Luckily I just came across this fantastic site, Bookstore Guide, which features reviews of great bookstores across Europe. After checking that it had my favorite place in Berlin (and probably one of my fave places in the world!), Another Country bookstore, I knew the site was legit. Of the three stores they mention in Ljubljana, I've been to two and will soon be checking out the third, looking for my next fix.


alcessa said...

Camille, should you want something from (I know it is not the same as a bookstore, still), let me know. I'll order them and send them to you.

Camille Acey said...


awwwwww. hvala lepa! ti si res angelček!

today i went to that Behemot store on Židovska steza in Ljubljana and it was very good and reasonably priced. i will definitely be back there.

thanks again for your offer, i will keep it in mind!

Lisa said...

I love Behemot. Had to stay away most of the time, lest I take up all the space in my suitcase with books.