Monday, July 6, 2009

Letter to the Bosses #1: Poletje promet je

Dear People Who Run Slovenia,

Now is the time of year when the common greeting of "Hey, how ya doing?" gets dropped and is replaced with "When are you going to the seaside?" Considering this annual inevitability results in so many tens of thousands of your fair citizens (as well as tourists passing through) burning loads of gas and clogging up the roadways, I humbly suggest that you please start organizing some more environmentally friendly alternatives.

How much trouble would it be to run some regular trains and busses down that-a-way? You could offer tickets at a family-friendly (and maybe slightly recession-friendly) price and let people leave their gas guzzlers at home. Not only would it be environmentally-friendly but wouldn't it give a national sense of pulling together for the good of all? I think so!

I hope you consider my proposal.

Until next time, I remain, your humble resident,
Camille Acey of Wheelville


Anonymous said...

It would be especially good if they were Happy Trains:

Camille Acey said...

happy trains work once you are already at the seaside but sadly they won't get ya there.the country is small but not that small.