Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jose James

Late last night, The Captain and I had the distinct pleasure of going to see my favorite singer, Jose James, live at Klub CD (which is a kindy sucky space, but....) in Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana* . The show was magical from beginning to end. I tried to take photos but my hands were trembling from the good vibes. So, instead, I'll post this video of Jose from last year with the (also fantastic) Soil & Pimp Sessions from Japan.

Support this man. Buy his music. Go to his shows.

*"In my opinion, the greatest gift to Slovenian art would be -- and here comes my terrorist side --to place a giant bomb under Cankarjev dom, while all the cultural workers are gathered there." - Slavoj Žižek


thedownpayment said...

prolly obvs for a lot of people but i just find him sexy.