Saturday, May 30, 2009

Berlin Diary Number Seven: Tasty Cake for Shruggers

When I first moved to Slovenia, I was determined for the country to get "on the map". Almost every person I spoke to was completely baffled about Slovenia, they had no idea where it was, what language was spoken, or why I would want to live there.  I was frustrated and angry, but when I shared this with Slovenian people they just shrugged. I couldn't get it....until now. 

Being here in Berlin has made me realize what a burden it can be when people know about you. I walk down streets and sometimes hear more American accents than German ones, and frankly the quality of people that gravitate here to live runs the gamut from genius to the other dredges. I adore Berlin, but I feel like a person could live here for a long time and barely get any sense that they were in Germany. I also am getting rather agitated by the lack of actual WORK (i've scarcely met anyone with an actual job) that seems to be getting done here...Oh and the congestion and the pretenstion and I don't even wanna mention what a bother the tourists can be....

So, the other day it just clicked for me. 

Who cares if no one knows where Slovenia is? Not I! There is so much just purely special about the country that anyone who dared to care would and could know about it.  I am happy to live in a mysterious land that only more discerning people can find on a map.  

Slovenia is like a wildly tasty cake; while we who live there are willing to share, if you don't know about it or do know and don't want a slice, then it just leaves more for those of us with good taste!

Dober tek!


Ales said...

I agree with you, and find your comparison of Slovenia with a cake- hilarious! :)))) but very true, haha. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've come to that conclusion! I used to be the same (lived on and off in SLO for four years and my wife and I will permanently move back in the next couple of years). Now, I'd prefer the masses just mix it up with Slovakia!

Camille Acey said...

@Ales - Hvala. A si dobil vabilo?

@Anon - I commend you on your excellent taste! See you on the beautiful highways and byways of Slovenija!

Ales said...

Nisem dobil, ampak hvala za vabilo! Na zalost imam 15. in 16. dva izpita, tako da no go :/

Camille Acey said...

@Ales - Ah well, naslednjic! Mislim da bo mesecno.