Saturday, May 9, 2009

Berlin Diary #1: Berlin So Far

So, as previously mentioned, The Captain drove me up here and we got to hang out for a few days before the fleet called him back. We first went to the zoo, and then we wandered. The zoo was a mix of joy and sadness. I hadn't been to the zoo in probably 20 years, and while it was great to be so near to these animals it was also saddening to see their prison conditions. Maybe I'll just stick to seeing animals on safaris and stuff....

Anyway, here are some images from our trek through the wilds of Berlin.

I got to go on a tour of a massive, state-supported artist workshop. Berlin loves the arts!

then i got to eat lovely food that i'd helped cook

little me, big tv tower

museum island

lots of great street markets here!

Brandenburg Gate

May Day rally

Potsdamer Platz

as you can tell, the Captain likes these low angle shots

Lego World!


selecting a tasty thai dish at Pagode in Kreuzberg

Obama and German Spiderman in Kreuzberg (Spidey is asking if can get his face on a US banknote since he put Obama's face on the comic book cover)

this was organized by one of my new friends

i went to one of the last days of the exhibition

and to the reading of conceptual writers. this guy Robert Fitterman was great, you can read part of one of his pieces here. very good!

The Captain and I having the worst burgers ever

So far, Berlin gets two exuberant thumbs up from me, and I wish the people who ran Slovenia would come here and take detailed notes.


'Drea said...

The Captain has a good eye. I really like the low angle, giraffe, Pagode, Spiderman (just because)and worst burgers ever pics.

It was *nice* to travel vicariously. Thanks for sharing...

c said...

awesome - thanks for the post and pictures. your adoring fans were getting sooo curious!

Camille Acey said...

@Drea & C- Thanks for reading. There's more to come!

Vakker Kvinne said...

Oh yes-Berlin! Oh yes, oh yes oh yes! Where to begin... I think every person I know has fallen in love with this city! There is always so much to see and do and be and go and think about. When I lived in Germany, I heard a statistic that said that 50% of the city’s population has at least one parent who is of non-German heritage. And for being a German city, that’s saying A (whole) LOT! All of that intermixing shows up in the city’s energy, love for art and history.

Love your photos and trip report! Makes me sad thinking about how much I miss that place but luckily I’ll be back there next week.

Fly Brother said...

Great photos! And you shouldn't be modest about your adaptability and finely-honed sense of awareness and place; those are indeed marketable skills.

Good luck with the German classes and subsequent witty, engrossing conversation!

AmandaPants said...

sounds like you are having a much better time than i did in berlin.... lego giraffe is so great!

Ales said...

Again, great photos! But you got me hungry with all the food (on the first food-related photo), hehe.