Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Berlin Diary Entry 3: Coming Through

Another reason why Berlin is great is because people pass through here. I have overlapped with so many people coming from Western Europe, leaving back to the states, here and there. They fly into my life and then back out, but I am the better for all those long or short encounters. Sadly the trade winds almost never blow through Slovenia. I am hoping my being in Slovenia will produce an adequate magnetic force to pull more interesting and fun people from around the world in and around...I need them, Slovenia needs them.

Here are some of my latest photos.

Hackescher Markt

Weinmeister Strasse

beautiful food at the Brazilian restaurant

the place to go for the best of the wurst (curry wurst is wretched, one of the worst things to ever cross my lips)

Charlottenburg is garden-y and bourgeois. Like the Park Slope of Berlin

a mysterious installation at rosa luxembourg platz

international vat of mystery at the Kreukolln Turkish market

it's been coming up fluffy Simpsons clouds like every day

quite possibly the best doner in town. yum!

this is criminal

Potsdamer Platz

P.S. In an effort to minimize my tinges of homesickness, I've been listening to Radio Student all morning. Thank God for internet radio!

P.P.S. This place is incredible but I kinda feel like my eyes and brain need a break. Trying to cultivate a napping habit.


'Drea said...

The Hackescher Markt looks like an excellent spot to have some coffee and such. Also, the doner situation looks delectable.

Fly Brother said...

Who Let the Dogs Out? WTF?

Ales said...

Hah, I was hungry when I saw the photos in the older post, now I'm starving :P