Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Berlin Diary: Entry Number Zero Point One

So I'm here in Berlin. Geez, where to start? That 's the question here every morning. So much to see, do, smell, taste! I'm overwhelmed by the choices. So I better start at the pre-beginning: the journey here.

My trusty Captain was kind enough to drive me up to Berlin and that ride included a two day stay in Prague and then a brief hour trek through Dresden. Here are a few images from those days, with captions.

Prague to the left. Jesenice to the right?

lots of places were being slowly restored

apple bacon knedl, duck, cabbage - yum

your trusty guide

we went and saw my friend Lawrence's play

It was a staging of the Descent of Inanna

huge history wall on the rise and fall of communism

Czech national bank

beautiful African-looking statues near Prague Castle

cue knuckle sandwich joke

down with Obama and the Czech police

yer average crazy hippies in the park

big pink synagogue!

chilling at the park, before dark

Dresden tomorrow, and then (finally!) Berlin.


Anonymous said...

Finally, hvala :=)

Fly Brother said...

Wow...GREAT statuary at the castle. Any information about the sculptor, or why there are statues in Prague with African phenotypes?

Berlin might possibly be on the summer itinerary, so I'm looking forward to your impressions of the city.

-Fly Bro

'Drea said...

Nice pics...

Camille Acey said...

@Diana - vem,vem, imam veliko slike in je bilo tezko zaceti in izbrati. prevec uzivam!
@Fly Brother - I am almost 100% certain that these are Moor slaves and I imagine there were probably quite a lot working for the monied gentry throughout Europe during the medieval times (and after). You can even seen the chain across one of their chests.
Berlin is well worth it. Lovely in the spring and summer!
@Drea - Thanks !

Rabin - "Bold Voyager" said...

I've just been telling everyone that Prague is on my wish list of places to go. Don't think I'll get there this season, but I know there's a popular music festival starting there next week. Thanks for sharing these pics!

Ales said...

Great photos! I've yet to see Prague, hopefully in autumn I'll have a week off and check it out :)

Anonymous said...

No - not the Moors. That's the typical Gothic style of Romanesque architecture, and Romanesque architecture was a continuation of the Roman building techniques. I am certain that these are roman or greek statues.