Monday, November 3, 2008

Dar Fur: War for Water

Slovenian writer and activist Tomo Križnar, who I've briefly mentioned before, recently premiered his documentary Dar Fur: War For Water here in Slovenia. The film has been getting a lot of press and even showed at Cannes Film Festival. The Captain and I are planning to go see it this week. Here is an older version of the preview.

Also, if you are in Slovenia, there will be a benefit concert at Festivalna Dvorana this Wednesday (5th November)featuring such great talents as Vlado Kreslin and(my favorite) Maša Kagao Knez.


Aja said...

Dar Fur: Water For Water

--> war for water

Gunia said...

Where do I watch this documentary? I'm in UK.


Camille Acey said...

@Andy - I would check the production company, maybe they have some screenings planned?