Monday, November 17, 2008

Rum Punch

Sometimes when I am lonely, missing black folks, I head to the liquor aisle since there are always smiling black faces there.....

It is seriously strange that all these products are made in Slovenia or Croatia or nearabouts, yet they haven't replaced the black faces with smiling old Slavic ladies or some such thing.


Anonymous said...

the domain of old slavic ladies is vodka ;-)
and here's a link to some wine labels featuring klene prebivalce slovenske istre:

neat, yes?

na zdravje! (I take it you do know you're not supposed to drink any of that rum, it is only for cooking. and even then ... take necessary precautions :-))

barbara (occasional reader)

oksoundsgood said...

oh you didnt know, black people= good times, no worries

Miss said...

rum can be a girl's best friend sometimes... :-)

Miss said...

by the way, that last comment was from me, invisible woman, stopping thru. don't know why it says miss!