Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vlado Kreslin ...Live!

Last night was my first official Slovenian concert. We went to Linhartova Dvorana (our beautiful local performance hall) to see the very great Vlado Kreslin, who I would describe as a Slovenian Bruce Springsteen. He was described to me as a Slovenian Bob Dylan, but I don't really care for Dylan much so I vote Springsteen.

Vlado sings

Anyway, apparently he wrote a book about his life and touring, so the concert featured him singing songs and interspersing them with humorous excerpts from the book.Sadly, between the fact that I only have basic level comprehension and the fact that he was speaking in a strong northeastern accent*, I could barely understood anything. Nonetheless, it was nice to be there and Vlado was fantastic. He played without a band, but was so gripping that it was more than enough.

Vlado reads

Here is a video of him doing one of his songs: Nocoj Igramo za Vas (Tonight, We Play For You)

*Oy vey! Remind me to tell you about all the drama with accents and dialects here. For such a small country, it is a big headache!


alcessa said...

Mine is similar to Vlado's ... The dialect, that is. But since he lives some 10 km away from my birthplace they use different words for some basic things there... I still understand him, of course.
I wouldn't really recommend dabbling with Slovenian dialects and accents :-) I started speaking "Slovenian" as soon as I moved to Ljubljana, where every body put my accent (resulting from the pretension of speaking Slovenian) somewhere around Maribor :-D

Camille Remarkable said...
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Camille Remarkable said...

10km = totally different words? Oh dear! Alas as much as I'd love to steer clear of dialects I live in Radovljica and spend time with a bunch of hardcore Gorenjska speakers so it rubs off on my impressionable mind. I plan to take a class at Center za Slovenščina soon so they can get me back on the path to speaking true Slovene.

alcessa said...

I think Gorenjska dialect is quite posh, so maybe you needn't worry if it rubs off a bit...
But I've been told several times the classes at CzS are nice, possibly because one gets to meet people from everywhere...

I have a feeling you'll learn "enough" Slovenian soon :-)