Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hotel Rooms and Stuff To Do In Them

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I've been oddly uninspired. But, in the interest of holding your interest, I've decided to post my favorite Slovenian music video to hold your attention for a moment.

The song isn't that great, but I still like it anyway. Compared to most of the drivel that comes on the radio here, it is absolute genius. I never thought I'd say this, but I miss American radio stations. Oh dear.

Jan Plestenjak & Lara - Soba 102 (Hotel Room 102)

I'll be back with something better a little later.


Una española en Eslovenia said...

This is one of the few Slovenian songs I like :)

Tina. said...

Hey, one of my best friends from back home is in this video! :-)

(And I've been strangely uninspired to blog as well. hm.)