Wednesday, February 27, 2008

United Nations of Wheelville

However, I haven't just been sitting here mourning all day. I've also been out with some of my new friends. Yes, it's true, I've finally made some of my very own buddies here in Wheelville. Owing to my "high visibility", one of them just walked over to me on the street and started talking! I've been so excited to have friends that it is pretty visible on my face, but luckily that hasn't scared anyone away. My few days of friendship have already revealed that Wheelville is actually far more diverse than I'd originally thought. The Australians down the road, the Argentines around the corner, the Chinese up the block, everything is starting to unfold and it's been fun. Nay a mention of the "e-word", only good times and good tails of our lives
grappling with the language, adapting to the country, meeting new people, and figuring out which grocery store is best.

Oh and by the way, this is the website for some of my new pals. I'm sure they'll appear here in future adventures very soon!


diva said...

I am so glad this happened to you:) I stick out lots but I was thrilled when I first started meeting the other 'foreigners'.

Tina said...

The other day I think I saw you going to the train station here in Radovljica and wanted to do the same, say hello, but then I thought she doesn't know me, she'll find it stupid:) At least, I myself would feel a bit awkward if someone came over to me on the street just like that:)

Camille Acey said...

hello tina!

definitely come say hello next time you see me. you know my name. we're not strangers! ;) i'll be happy to meet you!