Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On The Road...Almost


Keeping with one of this year's resolutions, I finally had my first meeting with my new driving instructor. I think I may have worked out something where I will edit his kinda crummily translated English-language driver's guide in exchange for some kinda of hookup on the price situation. So that will get me up to speed with another one of my resolutions: get my finances in order. Great, two for one! Suze would be proud.

It turns out I have some loose ends to tie up before I actually get behind the wheel, but its gonna happen soon, very soon. Fear not good citizens, my instructor is a pro with a cool head, and I think everything's gonna go smoothly. I'll keep you posted.


Sladki said...

Just don't take driving lessons in Radovljica, with only about two crossings and one traffic light, you might be afraid of Ljubljana :)

BlackGirl said...

You can't drive? :)

Camille Acey said...

@BlackGirl -I can drive but not very well. I never had my own car and I got into a very serious accident last time I drove. Most cars in America are automatic and pretty much all here are manual. I can drive manual, but not very well at all (stall, stall, stall). I got my license and immediately moved to NYC and NO ONE there drives much at all (a lot of natives have no idea HOW at all). All this to say, I am in need of instruction.