Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Round Up, Round Here

I arrived in Trieste, Italy on Tuesday afternoon, dead tired and hungry. Young Captain Ultra Chill thought it would be great to take the scenic route home, passing through Karst where we ate prosciutto and wine served by a young man with a bad case of palsy and an even worse sense of humor. We got home late in the evening, after driving through the mountains and passing the world´s largest stone arch (amongst other sites I would´ve rather seen after a good night´s sleep). Once home, we foraged through the house for food and went to bed.

Yesterday afternoon, I took a harrowing solo voyage to the grocery store where I thought I´d be a space oddity, but then a black man walked right past me in the dairy aisle, without batting an eye. Soon after, an elderly English couple came over demanding someone help them navigate their dairy options in English, and they were obliged. I later saw an Asian woman searching for soup. So it was basically United Nations Mart in there. I actually conducted my brief transaction at the market entirely in Slovene. Niiice.

From there, I did a brief search for the library and discovered I was walking into the local schoolyard. Loathe to appear to be a creepy old lady, I headed back home and unpacked groceries. In the evening, the Captain came home from work and we went to the Chinese restaurant. You haven´t seen anything until you´ve seen Chinese people speak Slovene. They just weren´t built for all those rolling Rs.

My hunt for the library continues today. We passed it on the way home from Chinese, so I think I should be able to find it. Anyway, a lot more interesting stuff is gonna happen this weekend. We are going away overnight for a friends´ birthday party and then a bit of a Slovenian blogger geekfest at Kravji Ball (Cow Ball) in Bohinj.

Of course, I am taking a ton of pictures. Here are a few crappy unedited ones.

I will post more once my own computer is up and running. I also have a WHAT THE HECK? post coming up where I will answer your general questions, like:
˙Where in the heck are you?
˙Say what?
˙and the all important.... who in the world is Captain Ultra Chill?


crni said...

I can't wait to read all about your adventures back in SLO!

Camille Remarkable said...

Thanks! I am excited to see what happens next!

Carlitos said...

Camille, I think it's pretty surreal that when we go to a Chinese restaurant in Slovenia:

1. The waiter/waitress most likely speaks Mandarin, the #1 spoken language in the world.
2. You are a native English speaker, arguably the #2 spoken language in the world.
3. I also happen to be a native Spanish speaker, which is, depending on whom you ask, either the #2 or the #3 most spoken language in the world.

And what do we use to communicate? SLOVENSKO!

Surreal, I say.