Friday, September 14, 2007

A-hunting we will go

So I succeeded in finding the library (knjižnice) yesterday. I selected four rather lovely looking children's books, however when I went to sign up for a card, I was informed that I would have to pay €17 for the privilege. I stared back at the woman in shock. How quickly the communists changed their stripes! 17 euros, for what? I threw the books in her face, flipped over the desk, and burned the place to the ground...Erm, well actually I just told the woman politely to hold the books and I'd be back in the afternoon. I haven't gone back yet...I'm still sort of in shock.

After the library debacle, I navigated my way further through town and ended up back at the trusty grocery store where I bought a few more items to make a first attempt at preparing a meal. The meal turned out alright (I made a fish curry and rice) but I think I need to do a bit of reading on high altitude cooking .Everything seemed to get hot and cook really fast. I guess my old habit of leaving things on the stove while I wander off to make leisurely Google searches is gonna have to come to an end.

Today, I went through Captain Ultra Chill's disorganized bookshelves looking for some easy books and study guides. I found a few handy childrens books and I am currently in the painfully slow process of slogging through a book which I believe is entitled The Trouser Tailor. I will try to enlist the Captain's assistance when next we meet.

This afternoon I made my way to the post office. I had a nearly flawless transaction, but when it came time for the teller to give me my total I was utterly confused. You see, I had not taken the time to actually sound out the word "euro" in Slovene. It is ay-oo-row and when the woman said this I nearly dropped to the ground with frustration. Luckily she (like pretty much everyone here) spoke English and saved the day.

Pleased with that exchange but in no mood for any more (and also still on the run from the library ladies), I headed home. Once home I decided not to go right inside but instead went around to the garden, where I sat under the apple tree, ate an apple, laid back on the ground, and took a small pleasure in the fact that at that very moment, no one knew for certain where I was.

Here are a few more pictures.

Plan A (Pursue life of crime) came to a screeching halt when I realized how close I live to the police station.

There is always a basket full of fruit from the garden on the front doorstep.

Looking down into the garden.

Under the apple tree.

Study materials.

The road to the Mexican restaurant. I think that will be next week's food adventure.


Lisa said...

What a beautiful spot you're staying at! I always love going for walks in Slovenia, looking at all the gardens in people's yards.

Camille Remarkable said...

Yes, I have to stop myself from walking inside the gardens. I always want to explore!