Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just The Basics

(picture by Flickr user: Expatriate Games)

Someone just taught me how to use a washing machine in Slovenian and German. I don't speak German, I speak only a little Slovene. Nonetheless, the clothes are now washing. I know how to use washing machines, and I am good with machines in general, so I probably could've figured it out myself....but it might have taken quite a bit longer...

After she finished her presentation her face was red and she looked like she'd just given birth. I think she is now somewhere napping. I'd commend her on a job well done... if only I knew how. Instead, I said what I always say, Hvala (Thank You), and hope it makes the point.


Anonymous said...

Camille! I love reading about your travails and romantic adventures -- very, very inspiring and lovely. I have been thinking about you every day, and so am now sending you love and admiration. Keep it up, my dear!
Sarah (from the InterExchange!)