Monday, June 28, 2010

Scratch That ,Slovenia

Well I know I was all in favor of how humble the Slovenian players were the other day, but after watching the nervous way they played against England last week, I am going to have to sorta scratch what I said. When you are in competition, you gotta come with your game face. The field of battle is not the time to let your anxieties hang out. Slovenia certainly played hard and well, but I can't help feeling they could have done more with the right mind set. And so, I recommend that next time around Slovenia get a non-Slovenian coach.... May I present Mr. Ricky Bobby....


Anonymous said...

Dear sweet mother of god... what do you want to do to us O_o


Anonymous said...

i agree :)

se strinjam. popolnoma.

but do you have to alyways be the best? i mean when you're at the top - is there anyone left to compete with?

people in the uk are so disappointed about their outcome. they blame the players the coach...

i hope we stay like this. it's much better to be soo happy when our team plays well and indifferent when we lose. :)

Anonymous said...

for once, i don't think mindset had anything to do with this. they went in with the right attitude;
i also think they know how to play better(and was gutted when they didn't advance.) what they need is to be more consistent. they said as much themselves.

as for the coach -- maybe italy should get a non-italian coach, and france a non-french one? and what about the poor english? i think our coach is ok and i hope he stays for the next round of qualifications.

i don't much care for the winners-to-us euphoria, but then, i don't think the team do, either. i like the "we weren't good enough, will do better next time, have to train now, bye" attitude they have. not blaming the ball, the refs, the vuvuzela, the antiquated FIFA rules ... just own it up and get back to work.

chapeau, gentlemen!