Sunday, October 12, 2008

Punching In

Dear Other American Expats/Travellers Around Le Monde,

How many of you have already received your absentee ballot?

I am still waiting.

When should I start to worry?

Yours Truly,
Brainy, Bigmouthed, Black, and For Barack!...By The Balkans


Kobi and Company said...

I'm getting nervous too, as I haven't gotten mine yet either, though my partner has (different elections offices back in the US).

If it doesn't come in time, you can use the federal write-in absentee ballot. You can print out one of those from the Overseas Vote Foundation.

The OVF also recommends FexExing your ballot back to make sure it's counted, which you can do from Slovenia, according to the OVF website.

Camille Acey said...

Thank you for the response Kobi & Co. I was just looking at last year's Christmas letter and thinking of you all! My response is LOOOONG overdue. :)

Oneika said...

Love the alliteration, hee hee!

I am Canadian, but as a Black woman still have a vested interest in the election...

Heck, on the whole, Canadians are way more interested in the American election than their own! Our national election is taking place October 14 but has taken a backseat to the goings on in the U.S.; as a matter of fact, the televised debate for the Canadian candidates was held on the same night (at the same time) as the vice-presidential face-off between Biden and Palin... And the vast majority Canadians (including myself) watched the American one, choosing the watch the highlights of the Canadian debate on the 11 o'clock news!!

For shame! lol

Anonymous said...

I experienced unacceptable delays here in SLO in 2004 (ballot from Ohio), so this year went for the OVF option kobi mentioned above. And I did FedEx it. The costs amounted to a poll tax of sorts; I considered it my final $$ contribution to the Obama-Biden ticket. :) By the way, if you have friends/family/etc in Ohio, get in touch with them and keep hounding them to vote. It's probably going to come down to Ohio again.

Lisa said...

I've got nothing helpful to add as I am neither in Slovenia at the moment or American...just wanted to give a thumbs up in your direction for the Obama vote. I so wish I could vote in your election. All of Canada is on the edge of its seat!!!

Rachel said...

democrats abroad recommends sending a federal write in absentee ballot asap. you can still send your regular ballot if you get it and your county will automatically count that one if they get it in time.