Monday, October 20, 2008

Hip Hop iz Slovenije

While I am unapologetically in the school of thought that (save a few choice MC Solaar tracks) the only good rappers are American, I didn't want that opinion to stand in the way of me giving props to a young creative brother in our all-too-tiny community of African people in Slovenia. I had the chance to see a brief performance by Murat & Jose at the very wonderful opening of Kolovrateater in Ljubljana on Friday night, and I gotta give them props for doing an earnest job of things.

In case you're wondering, Jose's father comes from the country of Burundi (don't be ashamed I had to recheck where it was on the map too).

Here's one of their videos for their track "Postan ti sam".


alcessa said...

Kul. :-)

Oneika said...

nice to see a brother doing the damn thang!

lili said...

they are really cool, i saw them in september when there was a free concert in LJ with siddharta and gorillaz sound system, my fav song was the one they sang with siddharta 'od ljudi za ljudi'.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Murat&Jose. I think they make good music and their lyrics actually SAY something. Glad you like them, Camille.


Diane said...

Hey cool I'm from Burundi too, and I'm glad to see such a nice biracial kind, well don't worry people always have to check it on the'sa little country, hope you're doing well :)