Monday, January 28, 2008

A Tale of Two Pivos

As Pengovsky mentioned just the other day, one of Slovenia's beloved pivos (beers) is getting a (much-needed) face lift. This reminds me that I should point out one of the funny quirks between the Captain and I. Well, not only are we of different nationalities and different ethnic backgrounds, but we are-- and this is the thing people seem to point out most often when we go out--allegiant to opposing beers!

While The Captain and all his mates are all dyed in the wool Laško-nistas, I took a shine to Union early on and refused to be swayed. The other day, at our favorite pizzeria, our friend who is one of the owners mentioned it and wondered why there was this rift in the family, noting that most people just bow to peer pressure on the matter of beer. I told her that many have tried, but none have succeeded; when it comes to this simple matter of personal taste, I am going have to vote Union.

Ultimately, I'd prefer a nice margarita or a lovely mojito over any of this stuff, but (as you might imagine) they are not as free flowing as I'd like. So I slowly nurse my Union with one hand, while batting away Laško wielding naysayers with the other. Ultimately, the punchline is that all the drama is over two beers that are now owned by the same company, however this foolish rivalry started long before me or the merger, and whoever's the Big Boss Man at the pivovarna is too busy counting his money (Scrooge McDuck style) to even care.


BlackGirl said...

I still can't tell the difference between the various beers here. I'm not sure if one needs to drink copious amounts of beer to get to that point. I remember how quickly I started to put on around the waistline in those early months of laissez faire drinking.... Still, I know for sure that I have a personal preference for the dark ales. But these days you'll only find me drinking beer if I'm eating Czech food.

Camille Remarkable said...

No need for you to be choosy over there, I'd take a Czech beer over a Slovene one any day...I think most people here would!

But yeah, like you, I'm doing my best to steer clear of beer as a general rule (except for the one bottle I nurse when we go out for pizza). Spare tire? No thank you!:)

Tina. said...

Funny, my American husband took a liking to Union last summer (I think Michael linked to his blog when he posted about that) when we were visiting. I was, half-jokingly, warning him that he should prefer Lasko, but he didn't care. He did like dark Lasko, though.