Friday, January 18, 2008

O Boj!

Yesterday, I took a little time away from the brainbusting editing work I've been doing for Maska journal, in order to head into Ljubljana and run some errands, handle some business, and finally meet up with my new friend, artist Andrej Kamnik. As Andrej and I chatted, I found out that he had actually been to New York once, with his arts collective, Grejpfrut (click on the chef!). However they weren't there participating in just idle tourism, they were actually shooting a movie, and not just any movie, but the first (and probably only) Slovene kung-fu movie. Now I know that the market probably wasn't crying out for this sort of thing, but now that it exists we may as well check it out, no?

the special people of Grejpfrut

So for your viewing pleasure, here is the link (English subtitles here) and for those who can't sit through a film right now, here is a link to some wacky stills!

It never seeks to amaze me how I am always able to go to a new place and quickly find the weird people. Thank God for that! Despite the fact that we had crummy weather yesterday, I was -- as usual -- very happy I made the trip into Ljubljana.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Tina. said...

I used to have a bumper sticker that said, "normal people worry me."

Camille Remarkable said...

Ha ha!Once I get a car, I have to translate that and stick it on!