Monday, December 3, 2007

Winning By Losing Out

So realizing the holiday season is upon and that I will the need the money to be buying gifts, I passed on Laibach and Fiddy Cent last week. However, this doesn't mean I wasn't having any fun....There was a little matter of a 5th birthday/ pizza party here in our stately manor.

Judging by Vest's video footage (here) of the 50 Cent spectacle, I have no regrets about my choice of party.


Poulette said...

What a cute idea, did you have all the kids make their own litte pizza?
I'm going to see Laibach next week here in Brussels, report to follow (I'll be back to blogging then... I hope)

Camille Remarkable said...
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Camille Remarkable said...

The Captain's brother used to run a pizzeria so he went wild on this. It was his daughter's 5th birthday and the kids all got to make their dream pizzas. It was amazingly orderly.

I am eagerly awaiting your (real) return to blogging!

Chickenscratches said...

love the pizza and fire pic!

and ive seen fifty live.... its a disgrace. he was actually booed offstage and later came back to apologize for his poor performance.

Tina. said...

Pizza from krusna pec--oh, how I yearn for thee!

diva said...

Are those stone baked pizzas!?Culinary envy:)