Saturday, December 8, 2007

Headed West

On the heels of an excellent and excessively boozy "going away" party (for both me, and a friend who is headed to Austria to work at a ski lodge all winter), I'm headed west for the next few weeks so the posting will only be sporadic. I'll be back up and in full working order in the new year.

If you celebrate Christmas then Veselj Božič (Merry Christmas)!

Srečno Novo Leto (Happy New Year) to everyone. I have high hopes for 2008.


Tina. said...

Safe and happy travels, Camille!

I'm looking forward to your posts when you return.

Oh, and srečno novo leto to you, too! :)

Chickenscratches said...

yay... coming back to us.... looking forward to seeing you again!

alcessa said...

Vesel božič, srečno novo leto and

... please, do go on blogging :-)

Camille Remarkable said...

@tina - hvala te!
@amanda - yes!
@alcessa - hvala te! as you can (and will) see, you can't keep a good blogger (or even a mediocre one like me) down! bom še nadaljevala!