Wednesday, August 6, 2008


In case you were wondering what my neighborhood sounded like last night. Wonder no more..

We had another visit from the Balkan brass band. They seem to come around about once a month during the summer but I never went over to look until last night.

Here are some blurry images too (gotta figure out the camera night-shot feature still)

I love Balkan brass music, it always makes me wanna dance*, but alas Slovenian music is not Balkan music. The most beloved Slovenian music is this:

Bless these people, but it just aint my thang.

*Of course, I don't dance because people here don't really dance and I just haven't been intoxicated or crazy enough to make myself the unsolicited and uncompensated life of the party.


Maja said...

Love Balkan brass band music! My husband apparently couldn't stand polka/Oberkrainer music when he lived in Slovenia. He's crazy about it since he moved to New Zealand and plays it REALLY loud in the car (although it's not as painful as his Laibach phase!). The kids and me are like "get us out of here!" Yes, bless the people who play (and listen to) the stuff, but it's really not my thing, either.

Felicity said...

Great pictures!