Monday, August 25, 2008


Your friendly black by the Balkans is in pain today. As soon as the rain finally stopped and the sun pushed forward from the clouds, The Captain yanked me up and told me we were going to Pokljuka. Uf! I mean, he was right, it was a beautiful day, but while I appreciate fitness and the outdoors, I usually don't like to combine them the way The Cap does. Nonetheless, he insisted and so we went.

I was OK yesterday -- despite the fact that my hand-me-down hiking boots (which The Cap had "repaired") completely came apart (see pic below) -- but today, I am hobbling around like an orthopedics patient. Ouch!

Here are some pics I took and some taken by The Captain after my shoes reached such a state that I felt it unsafe to go up any longer.


Anonymous said...

biiiiiiiiiiiiijutiful!!! aj lav maj kantri!!!!!!

c said...

thank you for the shoe pic. good work not going any further. it would have been disaster. looking forward to seeing you soon my dearie dear!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, I'll never understand the relationship between Slovenci and hiking. What's that fascination with climbing beautiful hills every second day? Can't be the breathtaking vistas, nor the pure air, nor the endless songbirds, no.

Unhealthy I say!


PS: great pictures!

dr. filomena: aj lavs jor kantri tu. veri mač.

Ales said...

Hahaha, great shoes!