Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Due North

This weekend was The Captain's birthday, but I'd already roped him into going to Graz with new friend Nela to pick up her cousin from the airport and also to finally make a long-awaited trip to Ikea.

We had a nice (but tiring!) day. I would love to go back to Graz again soon but I don't want to see the inside of Ikea for a very long time.

Graz was absolutely beautiful and we had perfect weather for the visit. There was so much to see and I was specifically intrigued by the many different (often troubling) images of blacks I saw around the city. There were also a lot of black people in Graz but I couldn't really tell whether they lived there or just in a town nearby. Nonetheless I was happy to see them! Here are some pictures.

i think i need to put this airbrushed image on a shirt. it cannot be overduplicated.

saving souls: one hot blonde at a time...

this says Moors apothecary

outside another apothecary. i guess black people = herbal medicine

i'm going to smack someone for this. it looks like a minstrel show poster

really cool restaurant

inside of it


Steven Shaviro said...

Remember, Graz is the home town of 1)Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, author of "Venus in Furs," after whom masochism is named. 2)Arnold Schwarzenegger.

BlackGirl said...

Okay, those ads with black folks in 'em are too funny!

Camille Acey said...

@steven - WOW, two very interesting facts!
@blackgirl - those ads were a mess. i am still trying to figure out who to hunt down and smack for that!