Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meanwhile elsewhere in Slavland...#3

a view on the way to Prague Castle - 2009

While you're waiting for this blog to maybe one day come back to life, I strongly suggest you turn your attention to my fellow African-American sister in Slavland, Ms. Tinu a.k.a. Black Girl in Prague, who has just done something I've been DYING to do for ages...she started a podcast! Her first interview is with Prague-based American expat jazz singer Lee Davison and is sharp, smart, and funny. Just like her*!

Don't just sit there, click over!

*She's also a gorgeous girl, so y'all gotta start sending around the petition for her to add a v-cast component ;)


BlackGirl said...

I blush! ;)

Ava said...

I'm looking for an American living in Slovenia who would comment the american enbassy travel tips for its citizens going to Slovenia:


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Swirl Around the World said...

Yeah, I have already checked her out! Love American blacks living in faraway places.

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