Friday, October 30, 2009

Bosnia's War Babies

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OK, OK, I know I don't live in Bosnia, but hey, it's not that far. So I've been interested in the comings and goings of Serbian war criminals from the Hague.

If you are not clear about what went on down there, I highly recommend this painful but informative BBC Radio piece called "Bosnia's War Babies". They've only presented Part 1 (so far), but it gives you a good insight into some of the horrors that were perpetuated there not so very long ago* and how difficult it will be to pursue justice when there are thousands of perpetrators walking free.

*In fact, near enough ago, that I don't understand how anyone could get out on "good behaviour".


'Drea said...

Thanks for the info about the radio piece.

I was doing my customary flipping of channels one night and saw that people from Srebrenica were at the Hague and disappointed that Karadzic was allowed to be absent from court. I've also heard that many are bitter about Biljana Plavsic's early release...

AmandaPants said...

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