Saturday, June 27, 2009

Andrea Lee: Today's Summer Reading, Tomorrow's Lifestyle?

Andrea looking gorgeous, probably in some fabulous villa

A friend recently told me about the Black American expat writer, Andrea Lee, who moved first to Moscow many years ago and now lives in Torino, Italy where she is married to an Italian count(!). She has written a number of books (both fiction and non-fiction, which seem to range from classy to trashy) about expat women, and she has also been a contributing writer at places such as New York Times and Vogue. My friend told me that this might be something for me to aspire to and it all sounds good to me!

Check out this interview with her here on NPR, while I hunt down her books for some good summer reading and a little inspiration.


Anonymous said...

I read "Russian Journal" by Andrea Lee several years ago and loved it. I thought I saw a hint that she was Black, but couldn't confirm it -- thanks for clarifying.

I still own "Russian Journal" -- you want me to send it to you?

Camille Acey said...

That'd be awesome if you could send it. Absolutely awesome. And I am more than happy to pay whatever shipping, just lemme know.