Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Slovenian In Uganda

Yesterday on Vest, there was a nice profile of Slovenian Miha Logar* and his beautiful wife/business partner Pamela Kanyunyuzi, founders of Ugandan-based free-trade workshop/tourism/education/multimedia company Edirisa. They are currently here in Slovenia conducting workshops and working with Slovenian students to educate them on the work and talk about developing new products.

See the interview below(which is mostly in English)& click above to read about Edirisa

*I'm gonna forgive him for calling his kids "our two little mulattoes", but only once. Good thing they live in Africa...


katja said...

Hvala, da sem te našla:)

Felicity said...

Pamela is very beautiful, her skin is fantastic. I wish them all the best with their project.

Momsy said...

Mami Aku,
I watched the video and truly enjoyed it. Pamela is such a pretty lady & has such glowing skin. I hope they find a big market for their creations!!!