Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Slovenian In Ghana

I just opened The Captain's favorite weekend news insert Sobotna Priloga (think New York Times magazine) and am in the middle of slowly reading an article about a wonderful Slovenian woman called Barbara Bizovičar who has retired to Ghana and runs her own little retreat, Barbara's Village! I was supposed to go "back home" this year, but my money is --erm -- tied up in other investments at the moment. However, when me and The Captain can count up enough pennies. We will be there and will certainly visit Gospa Bizovičar!

Here are some images

More gorgeous pictures here !

*Incidentally, it seems Mrs. Bizovičar is the mother of one of the hosts of my least favorite show in Slovenia, but luckily he is the other host (the one who has yet to really offend me).