Friday, June 6, 2008

Wet Wet Wet

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It has been raining cats and dogs here for days on end and from all forecasts I've seen there is no end in sight. I spent a few minutes looking around online for somewhere I could hop on the train to, somewhere where I could escape from the rain, but it seems it is raining everywhere nearby! It is destroying me. I think I am going to buy a tub of ice cream and just stay in all weekend.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the weather has been awful lately. How about going to a spa? I like to do that sometimes when it's cold and rainy outside, it instantly makes me feel better.

Hope the weather gets better soon!


Lisa said...

Imagine my joy at arriving in Vancouver to even colder pelting rain. I'm going to huddle over a cup of tea now.

Felicity said...

It was raining over here also!

Danielle said...

This just in from America! It's hot as hell in NYC and beautiful in San Francisco. I'm bi-coastal.

Love your blog and learning about your life in Slovenia.

Camille Acey said...

@Danielle - I know am I don't appreciate you rubbing it in! :)

It's slowly heating here too and when it gets really hot I can already tell it aint gonna be pretty. Yikes!

Camille Acey said...

@Maja - Yes, must find a spa!
@Lisa -Ljubljana misses you already. I am lobbying to bring you back! I know a ton of managers, it should be a matter of weeks now...
@Felicity - I hope you're "all-clear" now!