Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Overhead Yesterday

Over one thousand students in uniform during an assembly at a secondary school in Singapore.Image via WikipediaHigh School Boy #1: Yeah they closed all the roads so The Champ could pass through.
High School Boy #2: Champ? What? That guy's a dick. He's just a big capitalist symbol.
High School Boy #1: Yeah.


As much as I sort of loathe taking the train with the high school students here*, I was sort of proud to be standing on the platform with that bunch yesterday.

Note to Slovenian government: Can you please institute a school uniforms policy here before I have (teenage) kids? If I ever see some child of mine walking out of the house and headed to school with muffintop rolling out of overstuffed capris and "I SLEPT WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND" or "THEY'RE REAL AND THEY'RE FABULOUS" plastered across their chest, that kid is on the next plane to boarding school, and I'm sending you guys the bill. I do not define personal freedom through cheap heinous clothes. Uniforms NOW.

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Anthrophile said...

(Who's "Champ"? Or am I not supposed to know? *sheepish*)

A friend of mine was teaching at an international school in Tel Aviv that had much the same problem with muffin top and jailbait overexposure. They instituted a uniform that worked really well: T-shirts and polos, short sleeved and long, in a variety of colors, all with the school logo on them. A great many of the kids even expressed relief that they didn't have to compete via slutty fashions anymore.

Why am I sharing this? I have no clue -- I just practically NEVER hear anyone share my enthusiasm for uniforms. (I freaking LOVED mine. I had no fashion sense -- throwing on a plaid skirt and clean blouse was liberation. As long as everyone doesn't have to sport the same pigtails.)

Tina. said...

Since the Champ was there, listening to the NPR for the past two days was a treat. Whenever the news came on, they would say something like, "President Bush is in Ljubljana, Slovenia, today." I've heard "Slovenia" more times than in the last five years combined (of course).

Sometimes I wish my college students would have to wear uniforms. Some of them come to class wearing pajama bottoms! And my female students--don't even get me started on them.

Vakker Kvinne said...

Send over those positives links you mentioned....I'm totally interested....

Camille Acey said...

@Anthrophile -It was a reference to George Bush. He was just here visiting. Things for weighing in on the uniform thing. I never went to a school that had uniforms and I longed for them.

@Tina (Pravzaprav, on je rekel "mojstre" ampak nisem mogla dober "enaček" v angleščini torej sem pisala Champ ;) )

I stayed up watching CNN waiting for them to mention Slovenia that night but I never heard it. It figures!

Some of my college friends would go to class in pajamas and then come home and get right back in bed. Yeesh. I hear at Harvard, some professors will actually insult you in front of the rest of the class if you are inappropriately dressed.

@Vakker - Sending....

Tina. said...

"The Champ" is a great translation for "mojster"! Wow, Camille. I'm truly impressed with how fast you're learning Slovene, even picking up all the colloquialisms and idioms and such. Glavna si!

And, actually, I don't really care that much about how my students are dressed. As long as they're respectful and participating and not naked, I'm down with it. As for the uniforms, I would have loved to have them when I was in school. As Anthropile already pointed out, it would take so much pressure off of my little, teenager self.

Camille Acey said...

@Tina - Thanks for the compliment. I just heard a tape recording of myself speaking Slovene yesterday and cringed. My comprehension is good and I have the accent but still, my speaking...I got a long way to go baby. :)

jana said...

Didn't think that I'd pick up on some new English slang while reading your blog, Camille. I had to look up that word muffin top. Or as Oprah calls it, dunlap: "That's when your stomach done lap over your jeans."
Thought I'd help anyone else out who is unaware of this word. After all, muffins are not such a common food item here in Slovenia. The visual metaphor might not come immediately to mind.
That said -- I totally agree with you about the heinous high school fashion here. I can only hope that Uma won't dress that way ... sigh.

AND -- I wore a uniform when I went to high school for a year in Australia. You'd be amazed at how the students pushed the individualization of them to the limits -- talk about short skirts.

Ales said...

Hahaha, I do not want uniforms (I think I will be done with school before they get the idea of having them anyway) but this made me laugh :)