Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slovene language and The Force

I am working on a lengthy post with tips for learning the Slovene language, but today while I've been proofreading I realized that if you want to learn Slovene, it might be good to explore a bit of Yodaspeak. Yes, Yoda from Star Wars. You see in Slovene, it is often times acceptable to put the noun before the verb. Like "To store, I am going." or "Learn, I will." "Tired, I am." Stuff like that.

For this reason, I sometimes have a hard time explaining edits I've made to the Slovene writers, and for this reason I sometimes have a hard time figuring out whether someone just did something or is going to do something.

For example, "šla sem" means "go, I did " (feminine) and "šla bom" means "go, I will."

Anyway, check out Yoda, feel my pain, and if you are also studying Slovene then study hard, you must, Young Luke...


Lili said...

:) what a funny comparison. never ever thought slovene is like yoda language.

Camille Acey said...

- well to the others in yoda's species, i'm sure he sounded perfectly normal. it was only in the ears of the others that he sounded peculiar.
outsight always gives us insight. ;)