Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Hey Slo-bloggers,

Can anyone tell me what happened to Blogres?

It seemed to have had a good turnout last year and there's even mention of a 2008 meeting here on this page, but I haven't heard a peep about it. Is it off? Or did my invite just get lost in the mail???


alcessa said...

Have another look at the site - they have updated the info. Blogres: 20/21 June. They'll post an online form for applications.

BTW: Is it intentionally that you are not registered at sloblogi.si or blogorola.si?

Camille Acey said...

thanks for the details! i never knew about sloblog.si and blogorola. bom postala registirana zdaj!

K said...


I couldn't fins a contact page ;) I was by your blog this evening and wanted to invite you post your blog at Her Blog Directory.