Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sara Rajh, architect

Just came across another fascinating young Afro-Slovenian.

This lovely woman is Sara Rajh, a Ghanaian-Slovenian architect who enjoys the richness of her Hungarian, Slovenian, and Ghanaian heritages.

Sara Rajh with her husband, the academic sculptor Jürgen Rajh - photo credit

She was raised in northeastern Slovenia and now calls the Austrian town of Graz her home, but still works on projects in Slovenia and with family and associates in Ghana. Among her many endeavours has been: the establishment of a Slovenian association in Graz (which already had quite a large Slovenian population), working on the local radio station, organizing fund-raising exhibitions of Ghanaian jewelry/artistry, and developing an eco-farm in northeastern Slovenia (one of the most economically depressed regions in the country). All this from a woman that the article (Slovenian-language only) describes as "a true little miracle in a Slovenian countryside where no one had ever seen a dark-skinned person up close before."* Bravo and best wishes to you Ms. Rajh!

* As regular readers may have already noted, there is a lack of tact here, especially as regards race.


alcessa said...

Oh, I know her! We went to the same secondary school, but she's a bit younger... I'd say she was quite popular even then.

Camille Acey said...

I had a sneaking feeling you might know her!

Blonde African Americans said...

Just passing by, Nice blog

Anonymous said...

LOL, she is what they called dark?


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