Friday, November 6, 2009

Warm Moments

I finally got around to taking these pictures off my camera. The Captain and I got the chance to go down to Piran a few weeks ago. Ahhh, it was so warm at the beginning of October. What a difference a month makes!


Anonymous said...

wow it is gorgeous there!

Robecca said...

My husband and I were in Piran (and Ljubljana) this summer after our wedding, and it was amazing. Absolutely scorching, but beautiful. Neither of us is particularly fond of allowing our skin to burn (as a black woman, I don't really need the tan, and he's a redhead who gets sunburnt on rainy days--not an exaggeration), but we fell in love with the town and want to go back. I get the feeling that people don't really know how fabulous the Slovenian seaside really is, or it would be completely overrun and prohibitively expensive.