Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why I Never Have Anything to Post About

75% of the conversations I have these days

Slovenian Person (usually a woman, men don't talk to me as often): How long have you been here?
Me: Almost two years.
SP: You speak the language very well.
Me: Thanks.
SP: Slovenian is a very tough language.
Me. Yes. Yes it is.

I feel like I should just make up some cards with this on it and give them to people. I think the flipside of the card should say,"In the rare event that you'd like to continue this conversation, I'll be just over there, smashing my head against the wall."


Ales said...

Okay, now i know what not to say to you. I might forget, though. :)

Camille Acey said...

perhaps an addition the card?

"...However, if your next comment was going to be about all the lazy Croatians/Serbians/Bosnians/Macedonians/Albanians/or (insert other former-Yugoslavian group here), who you invited here to live in substandard conditions and do your crappy work, and how they don't bother to learn Slovenian. Please, please just go away and leave me to my joyous head smashing."

Camille Acey said...

@Ales - Consider yourself warned! Ha ha.

Disablez said...

You're lucky, mine go like ...

- So, when you're going to (the seaside / Spain) ?
- (Answer)

wait two days, rinse and repeat.

Camille Acey said...

@Disablez - Well in the middle of summer. That was another old gem.

Have you been to the seaside? Where did you go? When will you go?

We didn't go and had no plans to go, so that conversation was even quicker.

alcessa said...

That's not fair. You should write your blog in Slovene, so the rest of us can comment on your Slovene, too *grin*


Been there, trying to forget it. Especially the "out-laws" with their over-sweetened voices telling me my German was better than in native speakers (which is so apparently a lie it made me blush fiercely, which they thought was my happiness so I got this same compliment a few times... yuck.)

Re. seaside: LOL... When I tell my eastern Slovenes we've been to Sweden, kayaking and living in a tent, it confuses them terribly, because they cannot classify this kind of holiday as to our position in society, i.e., they don't know whether we are too poor to go to Croatia and therefore, Lesser persons, or too rich to bother going to Croatia and therefore worth some envy and attention. In the end they decided to be annoyed with me for doing things that are not on their list of social ladder features ...

Camille Acey said...

@alcessa - ne bi pisala v slovenšćini. moj skrivnost je mrmranje in požiranje besed .

your vacation anecdote is too funny.

Carlitos said...

Almost 5 years living here, and the same still happens. Additionally, they go:

Slovenian Person: You're from Buenos Aires, I have family there! Do you know XYZ?
Me: No, it's a big town actually.


Camille Acey said...

@Carlitos - Thanks for the vote of confidence on driving. I actually just went today to schedule my medical exam, so I can exchange my California driver's license for a Slovenian one, and The Captain is making me drive us everywhere so I can get enough practice!

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