Thursday, July 31, 2008


Things have been OK, I am just trying to figure out the pace and trajectory of my life at the moment. I have a basic outline, work is in progress.

Here is a brief list of what I have been doing:

  • swimming lessons! - As promised, I have been learning to swim at the local pool. I can swim. Not well, but yes, I can! I had a quick dip in the River Sava this Sunday and on Tuesday, we hopped into Lake Bled. I am proud of myself.
  • work - computer screen staring, keyboard key-pressing, meetings, Excel spreadsheeting, no complaints
  • driving - Also as promised, I went for about five or six driving lessons, but they were getting expensive, so The Captain has just been making me drive. Things are going well, but I need to get myself a real deadline to be a real driver. I guess I'll give myself until the end of the year.
  • socializing - I went to the Captain's family reunion and turned out to be the start guest. People were proud that I could grasp the language and join the fun. The best conversation of the evening was when The Captain took the time to explain that most of the black people you see on television had chemically straightened or fake hair and that my hair was clean and natural.
Here are some pictures. I have not been taking many these days, but I will resume.

Hair-ial view


m said...

Hey, glad to see you back online. Looks like you've been busy with many good and energizing activities.
There's a bass guitar sitting in the bedroom, and while my husband has gotten progressively better at playing the guitar i have totally dropped my plan to learn the bass...I will try to use you as inspiration. gotta focus!

Felicity said...

Beautiful pictures again. Your hair looks so lovely.

Camille Acey said...

@m - keep me posted! ;)
@felicity - thanks! :)

Andrea said...

You know that I am a proud supporter of the natural hair! Much love Camille...xoxo

gs said...

I love your updo! I can just imagine the awkward moments in the smiles and stares after he explained about your hair in those that wanted to put their hands through it. He's lucky to have you :)