Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Days

The last few days have been really fun.

Here are pictures from Thursday salsa-dancing party at Piano Bar in Ljubljana. I went with my new friend Nela from Colombia and some of her friends and we had a blast! The place was mostly full of students from various dancing classes*, so mostly there were a bunch of really stiff people counting off steps but there were a few gems in there, and then of course there were a few authentic dancers like Nela and our new friends from Spain, Peru, and Cuba! Nela schooled me a bit on the different types of salsa dancing and told me about the way they dance in Cali, Colombia with fancy feet dancing salsa.

Here are some pictures...I didn't take many since I was too busy dancin!

And as a special bonus, here is video of people dancing that fancy feet Cali style of salsa.

*BTW, what is it with Slovenian people and dance classes? They seem to be really popular here. Someone please explain.


jana said...

I like your stylin' jacket, Camille!

diva said...

Is it mainly latin style dances that are popular? I know ballroom dancing is popular in Japan (among middle age to older people)

Camille Acey said...

@Jana - Thanks. Most of the people there were really dressed down so I felt kind of out of place, but I would never go out dancing in jeans and flat shoes. Plus I am always a little out of place anyhow. :)

@Diva- I have also seen quite a few for swing dancing. I think they like partner dances since the traditional dances were all those sort of charming Alpine two steps.